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Conrad/Brady Giving Tree

It is hard to believe that it is time to prepare for this year's Conrad/Brady Christmas Giving Tree.  The registration for the 2022 Conrad/Brady Christmas Giving Tree is scheduled to run October 24th through November 11th, 2022.

Individuals and families in need of gifts call to register.  When we take their registration, we ask for sizes and specific toy requests (within reason).  No second party referrals are accepted, except for PMC, Horizon Lodge, and Mental Health.  All recipients must live in the communities of Brady and Conrad.

The Conrad/Brady Christmas Giving Tree is truly a community project hosted by local churches that has been in operation for more than 40 years.  Gifts are provided through gifts tags distributed by St. Michael's Catholic Church, Brady Methodist Church, Pondera Valley Lutheran Church, Golden West Lutheran Chruch, First Presbyterian Church, The Church of Latter-Day Saints, Conrad Mission Church, and New Life Fellowship.

The 2021 Conrad/Brady Christmas Giving Tree provided gifts to 106 children and 99 adults living in the communities of Conrad and Brady.  Each child received 2 articles of clothing and a toy.  Articles of clothing included shirts, pants, winter coats, snow pants, or winter boots, depending on their individual requests.  We also distribute the Independent-Observer Mitten Tree.

28 of the adult recipients were residents of our skilled nursing facility, senior living facility, and Mental Health clients.

Each adult received one gift.  Depending on their individual needs, gifts included Chamber Gift cards, winter coats, snow boots, bedding, and small kitchen appliances such as coffee makers and crock pots.

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