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Online-Only Worship Archive

During this extraordinary time, we'll be worshipping online.  Christ's church is not canceled, it merely moves to another forum, style, and format. Tom Trenney, a minister of music in Nebraska recently wrote in a Facebook post 


"Music is not cancelled. It will just sound a little different for awhile. Church is not cancelled. Worship will just look a little different for awhile. Relationships will not be cancelled. They will just feel a little different for awhile. Faith will not be cancelled. It will just grow in different ways for awhile. Love will not be cancelled. In fact, we will need more of it for awhile. Grace and peace be with you all as we find our way in this new wilderness."

We will gather for worship; we will stay in relationship and communion with one another; it will just feel a little different.

During this unusual time and with concern for our members who are at high risk for complications due to COVID-19 and our healthcare professionals, we are worshipping online and by conference call.  Details for online worship are provided below for each week, and helpful guidance is provided at the bottom of this page.  You can, also, hear the announcements, gospel reading, sermon, and benediction by calling a conference call line at 978-990-5110 and using access code 749966# when requested.  (Make sure to enter the # key on your phone.)  Please do note that this may incur long-distance charges depending on your carrier and plan.

Plan for Worship May 24 (7th Sunday of Easter)

  • Bulletin

  • YouTube Playlist

  • I note in the announcements with sadness that Rev. Paul Cousins went to be with our Lord on April 25.  Rev. Cousins served at FPC Conrad from 1978-1990 and most recently lived in Philipsburg, MT.  A photo of most of his obituary is available here.  Please be in prayer for his family in this time.

Plan for Worship May 17 (6th Sunday of Easter)

Plan for Worship May 10 (5th Sunday of Easter)

Plan for Worship May 3 (4th Sunday of Easter)

Plan for Worship April 26 (3rd Sunday of Easter)

Plan for Worship April 19 (2nd Sunday of Easter)

Plan for Worship April 12 (Easter/Resurrection Sunday)

Plan for Worship April 5 (Palm Sunday)

Plan for Worship March 29 (5th Sunday of Lent)

Plan for Worship March 22 (4th Sunday of Lent)

General Guidance for Online Worship

  • If you have access to a printer, I would recommend printing the bulletin for members of your household -- in color if possible.  Otherwise, you can view it on your computer screen and follow along.

  • Each household will have a liturgist; you'll need to negotiate this in advance of the service.  If you have a one person household, the decision is easy.  It doesn't need to be a head of household every week, but it should be a person who can read relatively well.  I'd invite you to consider children and youth for this role!  The liturgist and the person running the computer, tablet, or phone should look through the bulletin in advance to be familiar with the instructions.

  • I will use a YouTube playlist to step you through worship and include the portions I will lead.  It will, also, include the music from various sources.  Watch the bulletin for instructions and pause the video as necessary.

  • If you're using a tablet or phone, I would recommend downloading the YouTube app for Apple iOS or Android in the respective app or play stores.  It may run fine in the web browser but will probably run better in the app.

  • Because we're using items from various sources and a free YouTube account, you may experience advertisements.  I am sorry for this; I'd really like the worship experience to be absent of these.

  • You can worship with these resources any time through the week.

  • May God bless you in this experience!  My hope is this will create churches throughout Conrad and beyond -- households who worship together.

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