the church



Boards of Session and Deacons


Darryl Burditt, Ralph Stordahl, Greg Kellogg, Marla Bruner,

Jan Carter, Pat Keil, Arlene Newmiller, Martha Orcutt, 

and Phil Springer


Amy Zimbelman, Carol DayRider, Bonnie Flesch, 

Barb Perry, Karla Wittmier,

DJ Burditt, Karen Burditt, and Jeanne Stordahl


Pastor Andrew (Andy) Smothers
Transitional Pastor

Pastor Andy was raised in a small town in Eastern Iowa and discerned his call to ministry while working as an engineer and through church experiences in domestic and foreign missions, caregiving, and teaching.  After completing seminary at Dubuque Theological Seminary, Andy was called to Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church (MAPC, New York City) to serve in NYC for three months, in Zambia (Africa) for one year, and by traveling through the Global South for 2.5 months.  Upon his return, he was asked to serve MAPC as an interim associate pastor for 2 years.  Andy was then called to serve the National Evangelical Church (Manama, Bahrain; near Saudi Arabia) where he served as an associate pastor for nearly 1.5 years.  Andy is excited to join First Presbyterian Church as an interim pastor while they seek to call a new installed pastor.  Andy also looks forward to exploring area parks and forests and enjoys hiking, bicycling, kayaking, and camping, among other activities.  He’s also looking forward to enjoying the various coffee shops around Conrad.


Wendi Dayrider

Church Secretary

Susan Emrick mod.JPG

Susan Emrick

Choir Director

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Helen Elliott

Special Music Director

Marla mod.1.JPG

Marla Bruner

Clerk of Session